Don't stress.

There's no need to stress about booking a class. You can just turn up! But if you like routine, feel free to book your spot in the hot room.


Holiday Schedule

Our Holiday Schedule runs through until the end of January, 2020.
You can download a copy of our holiday schedule here or scroll down to our live schedule below!

Please note there will be no classes on Sunday 19th January due to a power outage. No power = no heat = no classes!

Reduced weeknight schedule until 31st January.

We are running a slightly reduced schedule every Tuesday - Friday evening. There will be one 7pm class on these weeknights.

Weekend + Monday classes remain the same!

All weekend + Monday classes remain the same throughout the holiday period. The only exception to this is the Australia Day Public Holiday on Monday 27th January, 2020.

Always check our website for the latest scheduling.

We don't anticipate further changes but sometimes things just pop up!

We know your yoga and pilates practice is important... as is your time.

That's why our classes start and finish on schedule each day.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to class (and 15 minutes prior to the 6.00am classes) and are closed once class starts. We don't want you to miss your practice, so make sure you arrive on time! Bookings aren't essential, however if you want to book your class you can do so below. Otherwise, just rock on up!

Please  allow 5-10 seconds for the class schedule to load.

A little note.

We love our yoga and pilates, and we want to keep our class times consistent for you. But sometimes the class schedule may vary on public holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Always check our website or Facebook for up to date class times.

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