Book your spot in the hot room.

We are reopening on Friday 5th November!
Bookings open 7 days in advance and are required for all our yoga + pilates classes.

We know your yoga and pilates practice is important... as is your time.

That's why our classes start and finish on schedule each day. Our doors open 20 minutes prior to class and are closed once class starts. We don't want you to miss your practice, so make sure you arrive on time!

Bookings are required for all classes and please familiarise yourself with our Cancellation Policy. Please allow 5-10 seconds for the class schedule to load. 

Booking and Cancellation Policy

We love our yoga and pilates, and we want to keep our class times consistent for you. But sometimes the class schedule may vary on public holidays such as Easter and Christmas. Always check our website or Facebook for up to date class times. Fahrenheit Yoga + Pilates reserves the right to change class times without notice.

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