Hot Pilates.

Get hot, sweaty, fit and toned with Fahrenheit's Hot Pilates!

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Hot Pilates

Our new 60-minute Hot Pilates classes are practiced in a room heated to approximately 34°C.

Using Pilates Principles along with High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Hot Pilates is a full body workout designed to tone and sculpt your body, strengthen your core and improve your cardiovascular system.

Our Hot Pilates classes are scheduled 6 days a week, and they are included in your class passes and unlimited memberships.

Hot Pilates a perfect complement to your Bikram Yoga practice, and we have a number of yogi's who are seeing improvements in their yoga postures due to the core strength they are building with Hot Pilates!

Come and get hot, sweaty, fit and toned with us!

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