Hot Pilates Technique Series.

Pilates Technique Series. Refine your movements.

Not only do we want to keep you moving while the hot room is closed, we want to continue teaching and educating you. Introducing the Pilates Technique Series.

Fahrenheit Pilates Technique Series #1 - The Roll Up

In the first video in our Pilates Technique series, Candace takes you through 'The Roll Up' and how to execute this pilates posture correctly.

Fahrenheit Pilates Technique Series #2 - Toe Taps

Candace shares with you the do's and don'ts of toe taps and how they form the base of many other pilates exercises.

Fahrenheit Pilates Technique Series #3 - The Plank

Join Candace as she runs through how to execute the perfect plank. She'll touch on different types of planks, modifications and also advancements should you wish to feel more burn!

What else do we have on offer?

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