Hot Pilates.

Hot Pilates. Just turn your heater up! 

Fahrenheit Pilates Workout #1 - Squat It Like It's Hot

Hop to it. Or squat to it. Either way, let's get moving!

1. Squats ⁣
2. Squat-Lunge Combo ⁣

1. Tricep Dips (Elbows point directly behind you) ⁣
2. Walkout Lay Down Push Up > Superman ⁣

1. Controlled Sit Up (Count to 3 for the lift and lower)⁣
moving to Elbow to Knee Crunch ⁣
2. Dead Bug moving to Horizontal Head Bug (Harder than it looks!) ⁣

1. Football Runs ⁣
2. Sprints ⁣

1 minute of every exercise, 5 times over = 40 minutes of endorphin heaven!

Fahrenheit Pilates Workout #2 - Sweat It Out

Join Candace on the mat as she takes you through our second Pilates workout!

Candace says... "Take your time with this workout. Keep your core tight and execute every movement with precision."

1. Hip Lift Left
2. Hip Lift Right
3. Plank + Shoulder Taps
4. Curtsy Lunge Left
5. Curtsy Lunge Right
6. Lunge + Drive Through Left
7. Lunge + Drive Through Right
8. Toe Taps + Crunch
9. Pinky to Pinky
10. Mountain Climber
11. High Plank to Squat Hold

45 seconds on 10 seconds off, follow along with Candace and you'll get your sweat on together!

Fahrenheit Pilates Workout #3 - Sliding Workout

Grab your hand towel (or thick socks) and a somewhat slippery surface and you're all set for Candace's Sliding Workout.

1. Reverse Lunge into Scooter - Keep your front knee stacked above your ankle and remember to squeeze the glutes.
2. Knee tuck into Pike - Use your core to lift your hips in your pike and keep your back flat for your knee tuck.
3. Oblique Slide Out - Look over the shoulder as you slide your straight leg out.
4. Squat into Skater - Squat low, weight in the heels and keep still through your grounded leg as you slide the opposite foot in and out.
5. Forward and Back Curtsy Lunge - Keep your upper body straight (try not to hinge forward) and use your core to stabilise you.
6. Bridge Slide Out - Palms flat on the floor and brace your core. For an added challenge, raise your arms above your head.

Do it all once over for 1 minute each exercise on the left and all over again once over for 1 minute on the right. And for good measure we do both sides all over again so that's 2 rounds 2 times over!

Fahrenheit Pilates Workout #4 - Core Galore

We'll start by activating your glutes, and then we'll get those abs popping with a killer core workout out - no equipment needed just you and your body!

Glute Activation
1. Fire Hydrants - Left + Right
2. Fire Hydrant Kickout - Left + Right

Core Galore!
1. Toe Taps/Roll Up/Basic Crunch - 3 Sets
2. Forearm Plank Hip Dips/Superman Lift + Retraction - 3 Sets
3. Roll Up Thigh/Seal Kick Crunch - 2 Sets

Fahrenheit Pilates Workout #5 - Plank It Out

10 minutes. That's all you need for Candace's 'Plank It Out' Workout! Your abs will be burning for days after this little beauty!

1. Plank Hold
2. Forearm Plank Hold
3. Plank into Foot Tap
4. Forearm Oblique Crunch - L + R
5. Weighted Row Twist* - L + R
6. Forearm Pike into Nose Tap
7. Oblique Reach - L + R
8. Reverse Plank
9. Hovering Tabletop Kickback
10. Thread The Needle - L + R
11. Plank into Yogi Squat

*Hand weights are optional for the Weighted Row Twist. 

What else do we have on offer?

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